Suffering from chronic pain even your chiropractor can’t get rid of?

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Here at Pain Away, we treat over a thousand patients every month – many of which have previously gone to chiropractors and orthopedic hospitals with no success. Sometimes traditional methods just do not work. That’s why we incorporate the latest technological advancements in physical therapy from Japan to assist in traditional pain relief methods.

While spearheading innovation in the physical therapy space in Bangkok, we’ve also been in the industry for over 15 years and have a 94% patient satisfaction rate. We are confident we’ll be able to provide you the relief that you need and take your pain away.

What is Office Syndrome?

Office Syndrome – as the name suggests – usually arises in people working in the office, as well as in those that work in a desk-and-chair type scenarios. It is caused by unhealthy habits, such as the improper use of certain muscles, holding an improper posture over a long period of time, and tensing and without relaxing certain muscles over extended sessions. These unhealthy habits can develop into a chronic condition as a result of prolonged exposure and repetition, and cause health issues down the line.

Here are the main symptoms that may arise if you are suffering from Office Syndrome:

Headaches and migraines, shoulder and neck soreness, back pain and inflexibility, tightness in the hips and abdomen, numbness in the arms and/or fingertips, weakness in the arms or legs, affected/poor sleep quality

If you are experiencing any of the above conditions, and it’s come to the point where it is affecting your performance at work, or severely diminishing your ability to go about your daily routines, give us a call and we’ll help get to the bottom of it and get you the pain relief you need quickly.

The Pain Away Treatment Process: How It Works

Japanese Physiotherapy & Pain Treatment in Bangkok: Step 1

Step 1: Preliminary exam and physical diagnosis

A quick preliminary consultation and diagnosis by one of our licensed physiotherapists allow us to quickly rule out all other factors and get to the root causes of your ailments.

Japanese Physiotherapy & Pain Treatment in Bangkok: Step 2

Step 2: Pain relief treatment and/or physical therapy

Having a specific diagnosis, we can immediately select which form of treatment is required to provide the fastest pain relief, while supplementing with recovery through physiotherapy.

Japanese Physiotherapy & Pain Treatment in Bangkok: Step 3

Step 3: Medical analysis and pain recovery advice

After having gone through the full pain relief treatment, a summary on your condition is given, as well as advice on what you can do to help speed up recovery on your way to wellness.

Adopting Good Posture Habits

We cannot stress it enough – posture is one of the most vital aspects into both preventing Office Syndrome, as well as rectifying existing issues. Most of our patients suffering from Office Syndrome also have bad posture, and once this is rectified, their condition vastly improves. We urge you to try this right now – roll your shoulders back, straighten your back, and pull your neck backwards. Give it 5 minutes and you’ll feel an immediate improvement. Visit us at our clinic and we can get you relief and get you free from pain quickly.

3 Tips for An Ergonomic Workspace

  1. Keep a proper posture – see if you can get an ergonomic chair, or simply put a small pillow behind your lower back.
  2. Watch your head position – make sure it is always above your neck and not extended forward, which will cause stress to your neck. Make sure the top of your monitor should be at about eye level, so that your neck is put at prolonged stress locked looking up or down.
  3. Make sure your arms are feet supported at all times. Make sure your arms are level and that your arms are not pulling your shoulders and neck down at a neutral position. If you have to, raise or lower your chair. Make sure your feet are firmly on the ground, and if not, invest in a foot rest.

Treating Office Syndrome with Physiotherapy

At our clinic. we treat hundreds of patients every week for Office Syndrome, and make sure they are as pain free as possible by the time they leave our clinic. Here’s how we do it and the methods we employ to ensure we take your pain away:

  • Deep muscle and tissue massage to break down and soften any trigger points.
  • Ultrasound with static techniques targeting the affected tissue and any surrounding areas.
  • Acupuncture and Dry Needling (if necessary) on any trigger points.
  • Cupping treatment – releasing deep muscle and improving blood circulation on the area.

Our licensed physical therapists are highly educated with all our equipment available.

Our Satisfied Patients

I want to thank the therapists and professional team at Pain Away Clinic for helping me with my posture and taking care of my body so I can feel as good as possible. It is important to listen to what our body asks and take care of it, in order to prevent future discomfort.

María José Lora

Miss Grand International 2017

Pain Away proudly supports Professional GT Racing Driver, Carlo van Dam.
Champion of the 24-Hour Nürburgring Endurance Race for two consecutive years (2015-2016).

(Click to watch Carlo van Dam’s testimonial.)

My name is Shinichi Nabeno. I am an explorer and drive motor bike all over the world. I drove motor bike around Australia after that went to Alaska and drove down to America and South America.

Then this year I started from Russia and drove to Europe and Egypt. While driving my finger became trigger finger so I come to Pain Away Clinic for the treatment.

Now it got better so I can go back to Japan for working. I am very happy about this.

Nabeno Shinichi


Hi my name is Goma. I am a professional golf player.

I came to Pain Away Clinic for maintain my body balance and muscle because now I am trying to hit golf ball further so I do a lot of training. Normally after training I have pain on whole body and easy to get injury. But after coming to Pain Away Clinic I have no more pain.

I will take care of my body and keep trying to hit golf ball further.

Mr. Goma

Professional Golf Player

I have been receiving treatment at Pain Away Clinic due mainly to two reasons, their professionalism and care for their clients. Having been treated by them many times now, I couldn’t be more happy with the level of professionalism from each of their staff and how much they care about each of their clients. I feel that I am in good hands and can completely trust in them.

I would recommend anyone who has pain, or any issues related to pain, to try them out. You will be happy that you do. They are truly professional and very knowledgeable about what they do.

Stay well everyone.

Coach Tony

Fitness Trainer

I came to Pain Away Clinic due to thigh muscle strain from stretching in Japan.

I had pain on hip joint and thigh. Of course I took some treatment in Japan after the accident. I came to Thailand and knew about Pain Away Clinic and the therapist gave me some treatment. My hip joint was so stiff so it was difficult for me to play golf and ride on motor bike, climb the stairs. After taking several treatment in Pain Away Clinic my condition got better.

I can recommend Pain Away Clinic.

Mr. Satori

University Teacher



With over 15 years of combined experience treating Back Pain and providing Pain Relief in Bangkok, we at Pain Away are your most trusted friends.


Our 94% success rates speak for themselves. You won’t leave unsatisfied with the care we put into our physiotherapy and pain treatments.



All of the treatments we practice are 100% derived from both medical and alternative forms of health.

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