• They are amazing! Don’t waste your money on Massage’s when you have back problem, they will look after you. My sciatica was fixed, thanks to the team! I recommend this place to everyone!!

    Nicky Kim Avatar Nicky Kim
    December 12, 2019

    I have been dealing with lingering pain from a back injury that required surgery and Pain Away has been great! Their staff are far friendlier and more patient than the physical therapists at the large, international hospital I was using, their schedule is much more convenient and I can actually see improvement each time I go in for an appointment. If you are dealing with pain, I highly recommend their services.

    Matthew Avery Avatar Matthew Avery
    November 10, 2019

    First visit due to my chronic lower back pain is impressive.

    youththachai vitheekol Avatar youththachai vitheekol
    October 31, 2019
  • Just had my first visit, and it was amazing! I wish I lived in Bangkok. If I did I would come 2-3 times a week. I've had pain in my hip for 15 years. I feel much better after one session! I'm in Bangkok about once a month. I will definitely be back!

    Kristy Johnson Avatar Kristy Johnson
    March 2, 2019

    Excellent ten of doctors n best treatment I experienced!

    B P Gupta Avatar B P Gupta
    November 3, 2019

    Great place. The owner listens to you well every time and everyone gives good service. Also very clean. I recommend this place highly

    Nakayama Michiko Avatar Nakayama Michiko
    November 7, 2019

我叫 Carlo van Dam,来自荷兰,我现在是在泰国和世界各地参加比赛的赛车手,因为赛车运动,使我有背痛和颈痛的症状,而且我背部的症状越来越严重,当我来到这家Pain Away Clinic诊所接受治疗时,就像是他们重启了我的身体,为我的下一场比赛做好了准备。

我必须进行频繁的旅行来参加比赛,我必须去往好几个国家,还要坐飞机,而在我回到泰国的时候,我都会觉得肌肉很紧绷,我必须来到 Pain Away Clinic 诊所这里,他们的团队非常了解我的症状和问题,并通过按摩和使用物理治疗的工具进行治疗,他们可以让我在下一场比赛前再次恢复良好的状态,所以,如果您也有身体各部位的肌肉疼痛问题,或者想进行检查,我建议您来 Pain Away Clinic 诊所。

Carlo van Dam


Hello, I’m Ten. Now I’m working as a personal trainer. Then, I got to Pain Away Clinic because of the tightness in my neck and shoulder due to my work and training. Also, my posture isn’t good, I have bent back posture with my chin and head protruding. For the treatment, the physiotherapist had released my muscles on my shoulder and neck and that made me feel very much better. Also, it make me feel more flexible on my shoulders and I can do the training and exercise more easily. Sometimes, my neck got stiff and it made me uncomfortably turning my head. So, the physiotherapist will slowly do the massage to release my deep tissue muscle and that help me to turn my head without stiffness. The treatment takes only 40 minutes. Also, this clinic has the physical therapy machine called ultrasound that can help to reduce the inflammation, tightness in muscle, and reduce pain. With the machine and the massage, it is very effective treatment. After the treatment, sometimes the physiotherapist will do the adjustment for my spine to make my posture become better. In conclusion, for the person who like to exercise and training, the treatment here is very good. Thank you.

K. Ten


正好我认识一位曾经一起工作过的医生,咨询了医生,所以才有机会去到 Pain Away Clinic 诊所,工作人员非常有礼貌。医生开始做检查,从第一步拍照开始,以便找出我在哪方面的身体姿势上有异常,我的结果是B,这还不算太糟糕,但是也不好,医生开始进行检查,发现我的左腿比右腿长2厘米,我觉得很惊讶医生是怎么知道的,医生很厉害呢,之后又用手指按穴道,并使用先进的器具贴在后背,然后工作人员使用机器刺激背部,是非常好的机器,因为我们能感受到动作,开始非常害怕会得轻微瘫痪,但是医生说,如果接受治疗就保证不会再发生,我非常相信和信任医生,在使用了机器大约20分钟之后,医生就进来检查并摸骨,

起初,医生说我的左腿比右腿长2厘米,所以导致我的背部一直发麻,因为我的双腿所承受的重量不同,但在完成治疗后,骨骼复位变得长度一样了,经过大约 45 分钟的疗程后,我可以说从第一次开始就感觉好多了,之后我又回来接受每周一次的治疗,症状就逐渐得到了改善。

背部也不麻了,我觉得放心了很多,而且现在也介绍给了很多朋友,谁在骨骼,酸痛方面有什么问题,建议去 Pain Away Clinic 诊所去找医生。


K. Ann


The therapist and his staff are very professional. I practice Martial Arts daily and they know exactly how to treat any injury that might occur. Pain Away Clinic is in a perfect location and they are very flexible with appointments. I highly recommend this place.

De Roberto

I have been suffering from pain in my right shoulder for a long time and tried many treatments such as massage, physiotherapy, etc. After these treatments I felt better but came back to the same condition soon so I gave up on curing the problem because of my work.

This time I tried treatment at Pain Away Clinic. I was really satisfied with their treatment and I will continuously come for treatment. I now also do stretching at home which they taught me.

The location is very convenient because connected to MRT and BTS.

Yoshi Okuchi

Business Owner

This is my first time to take Japanese Physiotherapy in Bangkok. I have been suffering from hip joint pain for a long time. But after adjustment of hip joint, pelvis feel much better. I think it is time to maintain my body. Thanks to the staff of Pain Away Clinic and Mr. Taka.

Mr. Kuni Kitabayashi


My name is Matt Wiltshire. I’m a golf instructor at Shane Wilding Golf Centers in Bangkok. This is where I met Pain Away Clinic.

I have had a lot of background with some back pain from golf and since I played a lot of rugby in Australia when I was young, and also knee pain as well. So then, I visit the clinic, I had several treatment. It’s amazing. My back pain has really through a lot of therapy, and also programs to get it a lot better. I’m working on my knee now. Also seemed to begin improvement. I recommended you to come to Pain Away Clinic. It’s fantastic.


Golf Instructor

Hello my name is Linda, I am from Germany and I work as a model in Thailand. I got to know the Pain Away Clinic due to a modeling assignment. I have back pain since a long time because of my previously work. So I had a chance to get a treatment here and I was totally happy. I feel much better, I am more flexible and the pain is almost gone. The Pain Away team is friendly, well organized and very professional. Simply amazing! What I really appreciate is that they take time for every patient. They take time for the diagnosis of the issue and route cause. This helped me a lot and I almost have no pain anymore and I can recommend to everyone go to Pain Away Clinic and get treated what ever you have. I had lower back and knee pain, shoulder pain, but this is almost recovered. I get still treatments and feel very good. So go to Pain Away Clinic.

Linda Klement

我接受Pain Away Clinic诊所的治疗,主要有两个原因:专业性和对客户的体贴和照顾,目前我已经在这里接受了很多次的治疗,我也不会再比现在感到更满意的了,每个员工的水平都非常的专业,并对客户非常的体贴和照顾,我觉得我得到了很好的照顾,而且完全可以信任他们。





O MY, this is the real deal! They help me release the tension in my muscles and align my body which I can use really well now😎 #17daysto mybiggestphysicalchallengeever


自从我在日本其他的物理治疗诊所工作以来,我就认识了 Pain Away Clinic 诊所的老板很长一段时间了。我曾经有膝关节疼痛的症状5年了,但接受了几次治疗后我的疼痛症状消失了,我现在可以走路、打高尔夫球或做其他的运动了,今天我到 Pain Away Clinic 诊所接受治疗,我感觉好多了,而且我认为有时我必须要持续来接受治疗。

Mr. Bessyo Mikio

I usually dance 6 times a week and feel pain on right knee. At first I tried to cure by stretching but couldn’t cure my knee. After that I stared to feel pain on right hip join too. One of my friends recommend Mr Sugaya and J-Clinic to take treatment. I took treatment for 10 times and feel much better. At the same time I had headache and that also better by treatment.

This time Mr Sugaya opened his new clinic and came for physiotherapy treatment, because I started to feel uncomfortable on my right knee. They checked my knee and I felt pain when I bend my knee. After the treatment bend knee again. Surprisingly, I didn’t feel pain at all.

I recommend Pain Away Clinic. Their consulting and explanation are very detailed and treatment is awesome!! They also taught me stretching that I can do at home for preventing pain again. I feel Pain Away Clinic is very reliable.

Kim Akazawa

I broke my spine 1 year ago because I fall from bed. After that accident I have been always have pain in my back. When the therapist was consulting he explained detail of condition that is very easy to understand. After consulting the therapist use vibration treatment that release muscle on surface after that release deep tissue muscle by hand including some stretching. At last the therapist adjusted my pelvis gently and spine. After that use some physiotherapy machine to reduce pain. After adjustment my body is more flexible and easily bend my back. Pain was much reduced. Now I know what the pain came from.

Haruka Okumura

I had consulting at Pain Away Clinic today. I actually didn’t have any pain but after checking range of motion I realized that my movement was not normal. I had treatment on back and shoulder and some adjustment on neck. I felt much lighter and different from before. Mr. Taka Sugaya advised some training that I can maintain my body at home by myself. Inside of clinic is very clean and comfortable.

Hiro Kataoka

I’m Leshan. I’m doing my patient’s medicine in faculty of medicine, Chulalongkorn University.

And I’m living in Bangkok almost 2 years. And I came here because I have chronic shoulder pain for a long time, I think maybe last 10 years, frequently. And I used to work a lot with computer and also maybe a lot medical work and sometimes driving. So let’s focus most of the muscles in my neck and head areas. I get this pain in the evening and the night and continue. So, I decided to come here and try for this clinic a treatment. And this physiotherapy treatment was really nice. And it’s well qualified. And we have doing the better of the physiotherapy is well organized. And it’s beyond my expectation. And I really recommended for anyone who want to try because he really fix my pain, and also explain to me where all they need to do, where is the pain, where is the muscle. As the person in medicine, I understand how he was doing so I well recommended this kind of therapy for anyone who have pain or any kinds of problem with chronic or maybe acute pain. So, this is really relief. So, I think as for my opinion this is the best therapy I have in the last few years. So I recommended it to anyone. Thank you very much.

Leshan Wannigma

My name is Shinichi Nabeno. I am an explorer and drive motor bike all over the world. I drove motor bike around Australia after that went to Alaska and drove down to America and South America.

Then this year I started from Russia and drove to Europe and Egypt. While driving my finger became trigger finger so I come to Pain Away Clinic for the treatment.

Now it got better so I can go back to Japan for working. I am very happy about this.

Nabeno Shinichi



Emi Okuchi


I can’t say how happy I am. Been rehabbing for two years the treatment was better than the shots the physiotherapist gave me. The Monday after treatment I was actually stronger. Telling everyone who needs physical therapy to give it a try.

Tyson Dewees

I came to Pain Away Clinic due to thigh muscle strain from stretching in Japan.

I had pain on hip joint and thigh. Of course I took some treatment in Japan after the accident. I came to Thailand and knew about Pain Away Clinic and the therapist gave me some treatment. My hip joint was so stiff so it was difficult for me to play golf and ride on motor bike, climb the stairs. After taking several treatment in Pain Away Clinic my condition got better.

I can recommend Pain Away Clinic.

Mr. Satori

University Teacher

I’ve been suffering from a minor hernia for a long time and it had come to the point where the underlining problem started pressuring sciatic nerve. The pain was quite severe and I could’t even sit still. Mr. Taka Sugaya not only provides treatment sessions, but also with a detailed consultation how to do stretching, which muscle to strengthen, how to put my weight on while standing and sitting and whatever posture I might be in and so on and so forth. Facing the problem with his help, my prolonged condition has improved dramatically to the point where I’m finally able to live like a normal human being. Being able to always turn to him gives me a piece in mind.

Ms. Tanaka

Owning a business puts a lot of stress on yourself, which affects your body under a lot stress. Friends suggested me to visit a physiotherapist, and Taka’s Pain Away Clinic has helped me a lot… I even enjoy riding my bike AGAIN!

Dong Hwan Ko


I came to Pain Away Clinic for treatment of office syndrome. The way of treatment of Pain Away Clinic are releasing muscle, adjusting spine, pelvis. If you have chronic or acute pain that other treatment couldn’t help you can try Pain Away Clinic. Staff of Pain Away Clinic are able to speak English, Thai, and Japanese so don’t have to worry about communication. The location is very convenient that connected to MRT and BTS Asoke.


您好,我的名字叫姆,今天我有机会来到Pain Away Clinic诊所,因为我有背痛的问题,现在我的工作是化妆师,大部分时间都在为顾客化妆,必须长时间站立和坐着,使用到肩膀的时候也非常多,除此之外,以前我经常打高尔夫球,是在击球的时候会绷紧肩部的人,这也可能是造成这里疼痛的原因,或者也可能是由于运动的时候使用了不正确的姿势造成的,今天有机会到Pain Away Clinic诊所来接受治疗。

医生使用超声波物理治疗仪对这个部位进行了治疗,疼痛的症状好了很多,感觉脚踝的刺痛感减轻了,如果是这样的话我建议每个有肌肉疼痛,背痛,肩胛痛,肩膀痛,手臂痛,腿痛症状的人,都可以试着来这家 Pain Away Clinic 诊所接受治疗。


Hi my name is Goma. I am a professional golf player.

I came to Pain Away Clinic for maintain my body balance and muscle because now I am trying to hit golf ball further so I do a lot of training. Normally after training I have pain on whole body and easy to get injury. But after coming to Pain Away Clinic I have no more pain.

I will take care of my body and keep trying to hit golf ball further.

Mr. Goma

Professional Golf Player



对于肌肉收缩僵硬而引起的疼痛症状,Pain Away Clinic诊所就是你应该去的地方。




I want to thank the therapists and professional team at Pain Away Clinic for helping me with my posture and taking care of my body so I can feel as good as possible. It is important to listen to what our body asks and take care of it, in order to prevent future discomfort.

María José Lora

Miss Grand International 2017

Not too many places offer true therapeutic bodywork in Bangkok but I had the pleasure to receive a treatment at Pain Away Clinic. The space was clean and centrally located in the plaza by MRT station. They are very professional, thorough, explained everything clearly and always made sure that I was comfortable. The treatment consisted of a well rounded combination of massage, adjustment and physiotherapy. Their massage pressure was perfect and sufficient so it was both pleasurable and effective on a therapeutic level. They are also adamant about bringing awareness and understanding to my own body as well as offering exercise, so they truly cares about empowering their clients and their well-being. The next day after the treatment I did feel less pain in tension areas as well as more range of motion. These guys know what they are doing – highly recommended!



I came to Pain Away Clinic on my day off. At first therapist counseled me and explained what caused the pain. I had a pain on my neck after surgery last year. As soon as I finished the treatment pain was gone. The therapist explained what kind of exercise I should do at home. I feel my posture get much better.

I can recommend Pain Away Clinic.

Mr. Murase

Company CEO

After about 2 years of constant neck pain and office syndrome, the therapist and staff really got to the source of my pain, and helped me to get rid of it. After 5 sessions, once a week, and daily stretching, my pain is gone! Thank you to the wonderful staff at Pain Away Clinic. I can 100% recommend this clinic to anyone.

Kevin Lea Davies

I have been suffering from my bad posture. When therapist adjust my body I feel my body straight. Smile of therapist is so nice that make me relax. This treatment is very high level. I regret that I should have come for treatment much earlier. I can highly recommend for person who suffer from pain.

Ms. Hatanaka Tomoko



凭借着拥有超过15年的服务经验,我们的 Pain Away Clinic 是您值得信赖的朋友。






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