It is a traumatic injury to our neck muscles. The neck and head flicked to the back. And a quick flick comes back like a cracking of a whip, causing the joints of the neck to expand and fall apart. Injury to the spine muscles. Or spine pillow Tendons in the neck.
Common Causes

  • Stop the car suddenly or be hit by a car, while parking a fire.
  • Sports accidents such as karate, diving or clashing sports such as rugby pitches.
  • Play the acrobats like roller coaster, roller coaster car
  • Being hit by a sting or shaking in the head.

Common Symptoms

  • Headache often pain.
  • Pain or muscle pain in the neck, shoulders, arms, especially during movement. – Dizziness may be nausea, vomiting.
  • In some cases, tinnitus is irritating. Tea and sore Throbbing on the arm and face, sore throat, back pain and poor vision.

Treatment – advice

  • Cold compression after initial neck injury.
  • Massage (do not massage) to relax the muscles.
  • Do not move the neck so fast, do not turn the neck quickly. Do not flick your throat
  • Take paracetamol occasionally.
  • Soft collar, prevents injury.
  • Physical therapy Reduce pain with ultrasound machine.
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