What is Office Syndrome?

Office Syndrome is an ailment that often affects people working in the office, as well as other people who tend to work in other desk-and-chair type scenarios. This occurs slowly, and has to do with the nature of having to sit in front of a computer or work in a repetitive manner. Symptoms include muscles soreness or tenderness, inflexibility, and at times, Cumulative Trauma Disorders, which induce small clots or knot within the muscle (called a trigger points), that can cause chronic pain.

Common Office Syndrome symptoms include

  1. Migraines
  2. Shoulder pain or soreness
  3. Back pain and inflexibility
  4. Tightness in the hips and abdomen
  5. Numbness in the arms or fingertips
  6. Weakness in the arms and legs
  7. Poor sleep quality
    1. These trigger points need to be identified and treated with proper care and attention, and then followed up with the creation of new positive habits in the workplace to prevent further issues. Doing so will alleviate the pain, and allow the body to heal in the right manner.

      At Pain Away Clinic, we’ve developed multiple effective methods to identifying and releasing the tension and pain caused by these trigger points and implement these every day with our patients. Here are just some of the few ways we can help treat this condition:

      1. Deep muscle and tissue massage to break down the trigger point
      2. Acupuncture and Dry Needling at the trigger point
      3. Ultrasound with static technique targeting the tissue and surrounding areas
      4. Medical injection at the Trigger Point

      Our licensed physical therapist are able to help locate and care for these trigger points. Simply make a consultation at Pain Away Clinic so we can start helping you out.

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