Every day we have to rely on the movement of our body. Be it work, exercise, or any other activity in our daily lives. Our limbs takes us everywhere. And our body is continuously under a lot of physical stress.

Our arms, in particular, have to endure a lot when we are at work, in the kitchen, or at the gym. They do everything for us. It’s healthy and necessary to move your arms throughout the day. However, if you overuse your arms you could risk a frozen shoulder, which is an inflammation of the shoulder that usually results in pain while moving.

A frozen shoulder can be recognized throughout 3 stages:

  1. Your shoulder starts to hurt and it becomes increasingly more difficult to move the shoulder and arm.
  2. You cannot, or hardly, move your shoulder or arm without feeling intense pain.
  3. It is still difficult to move your shoulder or arm, but the pain is decreasing gradually.

Once you are at the third stage, you should try and exercise the shoulder area by rotating your arm. We at Pain Away can diagnose and assist you if you think you suffer from a frozen shoulder. The earlier you recognize and treat the symptoms the quicker you’ll be able to continue your daily activities.

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