Many of you may have heard about using heat to relieve pain. Have you ever wondered why some people use cold presses to treat and relieve pain, while others use hot presses? Or why some people may use both ways to reduce pain. Today we explain all about using heat for pain relief.

Heat Therapy

Heat therapy is treatment using hot presses to increase the body’s tissue temperature to help reduce pain in the muscles and joints. Heat therapy can be divided into two types.
• Shallow heat: Heat that can not pass into deep tissue. This most common types of heating equipment is hot water bottles, hot compresses, herbal compress, etc.
• Deep heat: It is the heat that can be passed directly into the deep tissue. This heat can spread to neighboring tissues and treat more efficiently. This type of treatment uses ultrasound machines, microwave machines, and shortwave therapy. This method enhances blood circulation, which eliminates chemicals that stimulate the pain receptors. At the same time this also induces the body to produce nutrients to the injured area for repair and reduces the contraction of muscles in the surrounding area.

Thermal Indications

To reduce inflammation and pain in the sub-acute and chronic phase. Reduce muscle contraction. Clogged joints and bruises in the recovery phase.
In addition to the heat we use to treat pain in a variety of ways. But heat is also a contraindication to use caution in treatment.

When NOT to use Heat Therapy

Heat therapy should not be used for those suffering acute bleeding injuries. Injuries of this type present themselves from the three signs: swelling, redness, and heat in the affected areas. In this case, it is recommended to use cold presses to treat the affected area.

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