Some of you may know that Myofascial Pain Syndrome is a big problem for the modern generation as a result of work habits, life, lack of health care or exercise, hastily living, and competition in the workplace that causes stress. So today, we’d like to talk about an alternative way healthcare, first introduced in the East, known to many as Yoga.
Yoga With Myofascial Pain Syndrome
Yoga has three main benefits: stretching, posture adjustment, and meditation. It is therefore very useful in treating MPS.
1. Yoga stretching is a correction to the trigger point, which is loosened or decomposed from the correct stretch.
2. Structural balancing will correct the origin of triggers, which are the main causes of chronic MPS.
3. Meditation is the essence of yoga, which helps to heal mental and emotional problems that prevent mental illness.
4. The stretch of yoga is “active stretch”, which is the exertion itself. Both movements and stops, thus increasing the strength of the muscles.
Thus, yoga is one of the options to relieve and prevent MPS. Practiced in many places, it is suitable for people with limited time. However, if you have chronic pain, or are unable to remedy the problem yourself, feel free to consult a physiologist in our clinic.
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