People who exercise are probably familiar with the word stretching. Stretching the muscles before and after an exercise is very important. The benefits of stretching before and after exercising are different. We will explain you why. Stretching before exercising prepares the muscles for upcoming impact and reduces the risk of muscle injury from exercising. Stretching after exercising helps to loosen the muscles and increases the distribution of lactic acid. Lactic acid is accumulated in the muscles during exercising and can cause pain afterwards.
There are 2 types of stretching:
1. Dynamic stretching is to stretch the muscles with movement involved.
2. Static stretching is about stretching the muscle for about 20-30 seconds without moving the muscle.
The benefits of stretching the muscles are important for people who exercise and athletes because it reduces the risk of muscle injury. Stretching also allows muscles to flex well during an exercise or while playing sports and would certainly improve your play. Stretching is also know to reduce the risk of back pain.
However, it is important we stretch our muscles correct and certainly not too fast. In addition to stretching, a lot of people choose to increase the speed of recovery of their muscles by taking a massage. For those who regularly exercise a sports massage will also increase flexibility. At Pain Away Clinic we have in-house expertise regarding sports massages.
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