The sports massage originates from the classical massage and has a number of positive effects on the body, especially for those who are actively engaged in a sport. If you are engaged in a solo or team sport and are regularly competing against others, you might find that a sports massage can give you the support you need to increase your performance, to set new personal records, or even to outperform your opponent during a game.
A sports massage creates a better blood circulation and assists in the disposal of waste products. Because you are actively engaged in a sport, your muscles and tendons suffer a lot and small traumata, called microtraumata, which are developed in the muscle. If the activity continues and there is too little time for a healthy recovery, you may end up tearing a muscle. A teared muscle takes time to recover and will set you back in your performance. With a sports massage, muscles will recover faster and the risk of injury during activity will be reduced.
You don’t have to be a professional athlete to opt for a sports massage. Also non-athletes with muscle pains can benefit from a sports massage. After a stressful day at work, knots are easily formed in the shoulders, causing all types of problems if ignored. Having prolonged persistence of this type of stress, the pain can eventually radiate into your arms and headaches can occur.
A sports massage has, amongst other things, a relaxing character. The muscles recover better through relaxation. This allows you to move more easily and work /exercise with less or without pain. Other effects of a sports massage are mobilizing and activating. Mobilizing is done with certain techniques that stretch during the massage on the muscle or tendon for a better effect. This should is most effective after the cooling down period in sports or when you want to in reduce the tension in your muscles after daily activities. The activating character of the sports massage mainly occurs in advance of a sports performance.
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