Many of people who do exercise or muscle training sustain acute sports injuries everyday. Acute sports injury is one of specific mechanism of injury and immediate symptoms that occur are swelling, pain redness, bleeding, and possible deformity.
A sports injury can be considered acute when any of these symptoms occur:
– Sprains (injury to ligaments)
– Strains (injury to muscles)
– Contusions (bruise)
– Subluxation (partial dislocation that reduces itself)
– Dislocation
– Fractures
For serious sports injury (serious swelling, serious pain, dislocation, fractures) should provided the first aid to keep the patient calm and still until the emergency service arrive.
But for most acute sports injuries can be treated safely at home by using P.R.I.C.E. principle:
Protection – avoid further injury to the area by protecting the injured structure.
Rest – allow body’s healing processes to occur naturally by stop the movement on the injured area.
Ice – cryotherapy to reduce swelling, heat, and redness.
Compression – reduce the swelling by compression wraps on the injured area using elastic bandage.
Elevation – the important process for post-injury to reduce amount of blood flow to the injured area.
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