People who exercise have often experienced muscle pain which, not uncommonly, will result in a lack of exercise due to pain. Therefore, prevention and treatment of muscle pain are important in order to bring ourselves relief. There are several ways we can prevent and treat muscle pain and so you can enjoy exercising, well-prepared and without any pain.

The Warm Up

A warm up will prepare your body for exercising. It will not only prepare the nervous system and muscles for the upcoming impact they will have to endure, but also the circulatory system. Stretching will help the body to drain lactic acid out of the muscles better. The post-workout coagulation, or cool down, improves post-workout muscular conditioning.


The use of heat, such as visiting a sauna or applying heat packs, will help increase blood circulation and therefore your muscles to relax. Similar to stretching, it helps lactic acid to drain out of your muscles faster. Therefore, the correct application of heat instantly reduces the pain.


A break is a useful tool for restoring the muscles after an intense exercise. It usually takes a few days for your muscles to restore, after which you can safely return to your exercise routine again. But do not let the break last for too long, or you’ll see a decrease in your overall fitness and performance.


A sports massage after a workout is another method to relieve pain and tension in the muscles, and stimulate muscle relaxation. A sports massage, performed by professional to prevent injuries, can speed up the process of healing and prepares your muscles to perform even better.

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