Exercising is fun and healthy, but there is a risk at injury if we do not prepare our bodies and muscles before engaging in exercise. Most people who exercise get to experience a sports injury sooner or later. A sports injury is often annoying, as it is uncomfortable both on and off the field, and must be treated properly. In this blog we will give you some hints and tips to prevent sports injuries from happening and what to do in case you already got injured.

How does a sports injury occur?

During exercise it can happen that you suddenly make a wrong movement which can cause an injury: a muscle is being pulled, a tendon is torn, or a joint is tilting in the wrong direction. Certain situations can increase the risk of a sports injury, such as an uneven ground, unsuitable shoes, or putting too much strength in a movement.

How do I treat a sports injury?

If you have sustained a sports injury, it is important that the injury is treated appropriately and in a timely manner. This means that not only the symptoms have to be addressed, but also the cause of the injury. This prevents the sports injury from happening again or that the injury becomes chronic.
At Pain Away Clinic, Bangkok, we have licensed physical therapists with experience in sports injuries available. If you are injured and suffer from pain, we can diagnose the cause and plan for appropriate treatment.

How do I prevent a sports injury?

In order to prevent sports injuries from happening there are certain things we can do. It is wise to do a warm-up before starting your exercise. This prepares the muscles, makes them smoother and the body fitter. When you finish your exercise, it is wise to do a cool-down. This reduces the chance of muscle pain and muscle stiffness from happening.
As we exercise our muscles will get tired. Sometimes all we need is a sports massage to help relax our muscles. A sports massage creates a better blood circulation and assists in the disposal of waste products.

Gradually build up your training schedule!

It is advisable to make a training schedule with which you gradually build up your exercises. Exercising intensively in one go can be very stressful on your body. By regularly exercising and building it up gradually, you prevent injuries. Finally, you can also do muscle strengthening exercises so that your muscles and joints can better absorb unexpected movements.
In addition, make sure you wear the proper gear for the exercise of your choice. You can tap or brace certain sensitive or previously injured joints, and make sure to pick out the right shoes for the sport. If you have any questions regarding a sports injury or a sports massage, feel free to contact us for more information.

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