Earlier this month, Pain Away Clinic joined the first ever International Strongman Event at Muscle Factory to support participants through pain treatment. Presented by Bench Fitness Equipment, the event was held at Muscle Factory in Sukhumvit 56. Professional athletes performed feats of strength to search for the strongest men and women in Thailand.

The event was divided into and judged on four competitions measuring feats of strength and staying power:

  • Yoke Walk
  • Car Deadlift
  • Load Race
  • Hercules Hold

Athletes were scored on distance, speed, and rounds. All four classes included supramaximal load on the weights, such as in the yoke walk competition. The yoke started at a staggering 280 kilograms, so athletes’ muscular and nervous system are both pushed to function at an extreme level.

At this level of competition, there is a very high risk for injury. Pain Away joined the event to assist in case of accidents, administering pain treatment through traditional physical therapy and precautionary care. Other services usually provided in-house at our clinic were also made available for the participants. We provided our own Physical Therapists, as well as the use of Traditional Medicine to determine which treatment might be suitable for each athlete.

Athletes often experience acute muscle strain in competitions like these as accidents inevitably do happen. A grip slipping while carrying or throwing heavy weights, or lost footing while running or jumping can be quite severe as muscle tissue may tear suddenly and unexpectedly. If that happens, pain treatment must immediately be administered to minimize any lasting damage. We had the privilege to treat a number of participants, but fortunately there was nothing too serious. Relieving pain and doing anything we can to help these athletes complete was a pleasure, and we made some nice friends while we were there.

Hope to see you all again in the next event! Stay safe everyone!

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