It’s such a great chance for us to joined Spartan Race Thailand at Hua Hin.
On November 3rd, 2018, we have got a great chance to joined a large event “Spartan Race in Thailand” as a sponsorship here. There were many athletes came for join and participated this racing.
As we work as a sponsorship. We provided treatment to athletes who joined the race such as preparing the muscles and joints to get ready before the competition, also manage the pain that taken place after running.
The treatment that we provided to them, mainly is to reduce pain, because of the distance of running is much longer, also the activities or challenge during race is extremely to done, so they came to find out something cure their conditions.
On that day we provide several treatments to cure difference conditions such as stretching the muscle for release tightness of muscles and also make the muscle ready to work for race. Taping is another technique that we put the tape to support the muscle to do not get injure easily also inhibit some movement that do not need to aggravate the athlete’s previous injury.
Moreover, we provided dry needling technique to athlete who suffer from general pain up to cramp muscles. It’s amazing that dry needling technique quite effect a lot for improving pain from cramp.
Hopefully all of athlete who received treatment from us get better soon, and someday in the future we might get one more chance to join the Spartan Race again.
Thank you…
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