On 17-18 November 2018, Pain Away Clinic has participated the 2018 FEXCO Asian Gaelic Games as support for the Thailand team.
The Gaelic Games are combination of various sports (football, rugby, handball and basketball) which need for mobility, speed, precision, tactics and teamwork. The Gaelic Games currently have a wide range of nationalities that include people from Thailand, China (Beijing, Canton, Dalian, Shanghai, Shenzhen), Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, India, Indonesia, Japan, Myanmar, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Philippines, and Cambodia.
We were providing our Thai Traditional Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Therapist for helping athletes on behalf of the Thailand team for muscle pain and stiffness on the lower back, legs, calves and ankle sprain. Our treatment methods are deep tissue massage, acupuncture, cupping, tapping, electrotherapy (Ultrasound and High Voltage). After treatment, the athletes have obviously improved.
Pain Away Clinic are grateful for every athlete and the organizer of Thailand GAA (Gaelic Football) 2018, and we hope we might get one more chance to participate in the Gaelic Games again in the future.
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