Do you know how stiff your muscles are?
When you have pain or an uncomfortable feeling in your shoulders or back, your muscle are probably stiff. If you go to physiotherapy or massage therapist they may tell you that your muscles are stiff, and after several treatments the condition of your muscles has probably improved. But you will never know how stiff your muscles were and what there current hardness is.
Pain Away introduces a new ‘muscle hardness meter’ that can identify and measure major stiffness in your muscles. This new machine was developed and imported from Japan. The machine measures 10 times at each point and calculates the average of the stiffness. You will get a good comparison of results after 5-10 treatments, so that you will know you are getting better or not, doing the right procedure or not.
Pain Away always tries to update to the latest technologies and techniques. Our ultimate goal is to improve our services continuously.
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