There are so many people suffering from lower back pain in Bangkok, yet aren’t quite sure where to go. You may even have been recommended to go to a Thai massage when you have lower back pain in Bangkok. Thai massage is one of the best types of massage in the world – when you are tired of work or stress Thai massage makes you very relax and helps release a lot of tension, but it really depends on the therapist. Some therapists with lots of experience might know how to treat patients well, targeting problem areas quickly and effectively, while also giving you a very good massage, but it is sometimes difficult to find a good one.
All our therapists in Pain Away Clinic have graduated from university and are all officially licensed to practice physical therapy. They have had to study for at least 4 years and even after starting work in Pain Away clinic, we have training 3 times a week to improve skill and knowledge. Of course we teach how to treat lower back pain too. If you suffer from lower back pain in Bangkok, we’re positive we have the qualified people that can help treat your issues quickly and even give you the tips you need to prevent further issues in the future.
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