Sprains, whether they are in the ankles or the wrist, account for one of the most frequently occurring orthopaedic conditions. Though they don’t need any sort of surgical treatment, a bad sprain can surely make it quite difficult to continue with the basic physical activities such as walking, climbing stairs or even performing daily chores. If the sprains are left untreated the condition might end up getting worse.
To avoid any future injuries it is always a good idea to consult a physical therapist at your earliest possible. The trained staff at Pain Away Clinic will outline a specific treatment plan to help you regain full function of the sprained area by relieving pain symptoms in the shortest possible time.

What Are Common Signs and Symptoms of Sprains?

In order to seek proper treatment it is important to know the signs and symptoms that are associated with the sprains in the ankle or the wrist.

Throbbing Pain

The first and foremost alarming symptom is aching or throbbing pain in the ankle or the wrist. The pain usually starts immediately after the injury and can continue for days. It occurs because of the tear in the ligaments, caused by a sudden twist of the foot or hand at a wrong angle.

Swelling in the Affected Area

This symptom would not be visible instantly, but after a few hours the sprained area often swells due to the wear and tear in the ligaments. The swelling might start around the sprain, but if left untreated it could spread to the surrounding areas causing increased pain and difficultly in movement.

How Can Japanese Physical Therapy Help Treat Sprains?

Relieving the pain symptoms and treating the swelling are the first things a physical therapist might attend to during the treatment.

Rest Treatment

When it comes to any sort of physical injury, rest is the very first thing that is advised by the therapist. Same is the case with the rest of the therapy which is undertaken to restore movement in the affected area.

Cold Compression Treatment

During the therapy the patients are often given cold treatment to relieve symptoms. These include using cold packs on the sprained ankle or wrist to reduce swelling and blood accumulation. As soon as the swelling goes down the sprain will get less painful.
Compression wraps are another way to go. The therapy session might include giving the patient compression treatment to release the pressure in the sprained area. This will automatically alleviate pain and swelling.

Customized Exercise Plan

When it comes to Pain Away Clinic, the trained therapists design a customized exercise plan including stretches to help recover the range of motion in the sprained ankle or wrist. These specialized therapeutic muscle movements help to get fast recovery while eliminating chances of future injuries.
If you have suffered from a sprain in your ankle or wrist, we advise you to visit Pain Away Clinic. Our staff is fully trained and our sessions are optimized in the latest techniques of Japanese physical therapy, to cure your pain symptoms and maximize the muscle functioning in the quickest possible way.

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