Many people falsely presume that acupuncture needles are coated with medication or medication is prescribed before acupuncture. In fact, only alcohol is applied onto the skin, which aids in sterilization. The needles also have no drug coating and are not reused. Traditionally the base is about 29mm in size, while the needle is only 0.25mm or 1/4 the size of your typical sewing needle.
In Chinese medicine, it is believed that there are points and meridians on the human body associated with the internal organs. When a person is sick, this principle of Chinese medicine is used to analyze and identify causes. After that, it will be treated by selecting the points within the body that are related to the disease and the organs in the treatment. Another principle is that acupuncture stimulates the body to release neurotransmitters. Many neurotransmitter (Endorphins), which has the property to reduce pain as well.
Sometimes acupuncture points may be used in addition to pain areas. For example, headaches may be treated by acupuncture but the on hands and arms, because the hands and arms have meridians that pass through that area of ​​pain, although the point of use may not be symptomatic. But it can help to not lose a point.
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