Suffering from a herniated disc can be quite painful. Despite the common belief, surgery is often the last line of treatment. In most cases physical therapy can yield outstanding results.

What to Expect from Your Physical Therapy Sessions?

If it’s your first time visiting Pain Away Clinic your first session is usually going to work as follows. The trained physical therapist will come up with a customized treatment plan that will stimulate your recovery rate and allow you to go back to your normal lifestyle in about two to eight weeks. But the time period will vary according to your specific condition.
A combination of exercises and some basic routine changes might be included to release the pain and allow to regain full movement. As a part of the treatment program the physical therapist may also recommend a physician to prescribe some pain medications to speed up the recovery process.

What Are the Benefits of Physical Therapy Treating a Herniated Disc?

As it was mentioned earlier, a good physical therapy program could help prevent surgery for treating a herniated disc. The following are some of the ways in which physical therapy can help patients.

Substantial Relief in Pain Symptoms

It could often be quite difficult and frustrating to manage pain symptoms without any professional help. Through physical therapy patients could get helpful advice by the physical therapist as to adjust their daily activities to avoid worsening the injury. A combination of treatments may be used to jumpstart the healing process and reduce the visible symptoms of pain through the use of latest therapeutic technologies.

Greater Flexibility and Movement

Reduced motion and lack of proper physical activity often causes the muscles to get stiff and inflexible, which could then contribute to the pain. That is why physical therapy is aimed at allowing patients to regain full movement in their stiff joints. A therapist will start with some basic exercises and will perform passive motion therapy during the sessions to move the spine. Some stretches might also be included in the treatment program that the patients will be asked to do daily while at home. The patient will experience increased flexibility and enhanced muscle movement, which will positively contribute to relieve pain in the disc.

Improved Posture

What many patients ignore is the fact that a bad posture can go a long way to contribute to increased muscle pain and pressure on the injured disc. The therapist will often plan their treatment in such a way to allow the patients to improve their posture and body positions even while at rest. A correct posture will not only heal a herniated disc but will store restore strength and muscle coordination around the neck, back, hips, and pelvis while preventing further injuries.

Visit Pain Away Clinic

If you too have been suffering from a herniated disc, it might be a good idea to pay a quick visit to Pain Away Clinic. Our trained staff will surely help treat your pain in the safest and fastest way possible through the use of latest techniques and appropriate exercises that will help you regain endurance and full muscle control in the shortest amount of time.

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