You probably already know that your health and well-being can be influenced by your posture. If your spine is straight, you reduce the strain on your muscles and ligaments, helping physical complaints to stay away. If your posture is bad, blood circulation can be reduced and nerves can get irritated, increasing the risk of physical ailments.
Your posture also affects your productivity. If you are slumped your body will absorb up to 30% less oxygen than when sitting upright, causing you to be less alert, decrease your concentration, and thus reduces your productivity. To boost your productivity, it is therefore important to sit upright. By sitting upright your testosterone level will rise, your serotonin level will rise, and your cortisol level will drop.
Sitting upright you’ll feel more powerful, leading to an improvement of your leadership skills. in addition, it increases your defenses against diseases. Furthermore, sitting upright also improves your mood, and you’ll see things more positively. This allows you to focus better on your work, thus get more done efficiently and effectively.
To help you stay upright, it is important that your pelvis stays in a neutral position. You can do this by sitting on a wedge cushion, or laying a rolled-up towel on the back of the seat of your chair. This will tilt your pelvis into the correct position. This will also relieve any existing back pain, so you’ll think less about your back pain and your productivity will increase.
In order to maintain a good posture it is important that your working desk and chair are properly adjusted. Do take small breaks in between tasks to keep your blood flowing throughout your body. Even if your workplace is perfectly adjusted, sitting too long without movement can lead to chronic problems. Make sure you take a short break every hour. This ensures that your posture will reset to a natural standing position and that you are not, unknowingly, perpetuating a bad posture.
One of the problems with learning to sit upright is that it is difficult when you are not used to it. Usually this is not due to weak muscles, contrary to what many people think. If you aren’t able to sit comfortably in an upright position, it might indicate issues with your spine.
At Pain Away Clinic we can diagnose any issues related to your spine and posture. Feel free to contact us to book an appointment, and we can help you improving your posture, so you can increase your productivity.
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