If you suffer from pain in the knee, we recommend that you get treatment for it early. When experiencing pain in the knees, various other ailments come forth.
1. When one knee hurts, extra burden is applied to the other knee and other joints in the body.
2. If you experience knee pain, exercise and movements become complicated, exercise becomes difficult, and muscle weaken.
3. When you do not move the knees for a long time, the joints will stiffen and treatment becomes very difficult as this happens.
At Pain Away Clinic, we’re proud to say that 80% of our patients go home pain-free and are able to continue on with their lives with ease. The earlier an ailment is treated, the shorter the treatment time.
Even if you receive a massage at other establishments, you may experience some relief, but in our experience, traditional massage is nearly never enough as they do not touch deep muscles and these are usually the underlying causes of pain.
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