Mechanics is studying about work, force, result of force that taken place. It divided for 2 parts:

  • Statics: study about the force on object in static condition, or things on constant acceleration so, the result of work will be zero
  • Dynamics: study about force on object with acceleration that caused movement in several directions

How Do Mechanics Relate to Myofascial Pain Syndrome?

As musculoskeletal system works for actions, injure often occur, so we can describe mechanics as one of factors of persisting myofascial pain syndrome. Nowadays, there is concept that be accepted to use for analysis the causes and how to manage MPS called “ergonomics”. It defines as the relation among of work, workers, tools and work station.

To Identify the Risk Factors

As we know about ergonomics, so the risk factors will be on

  • Work such as:
    • Hard work
    • Repetitive work
    • Poor posture of work
  • Workers such as:
    • Awkward position
    • Structural abnormality of worker
    • Individual’s physical fitness
  • Tools and work station such as:
    • Poor or unproperly tools

How to Cure?

  • Identify the ergonomics risk factors in every part
  • Change and avoid the behavior that tend the symptoms to be persisted
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