There is Deep Tissue Massage (Deep Tissue Massage) by massage technique. Although there is a lot of misunderstanding (therapists, massagers, customers as well), it is not deep massage and strong massage aren’t the same. If you do massage with all your strength, you feel like reaching deep muscles, but they do not actually reach. The muscles are many layers, and when they are pushed with force, the surface muscles become tense to protect the body against attacks from the outside world. Then you can massage only the surface muscles, you can not massage deep muscles.
How can I do a deep massage?
To do a deep massage, you must make the surface muscles tense. You should touch the muscles without surprising them. If you give an example you suddenly beat your shoulder from behind suddenly and you will be surprised if you can say “Hey !!”? At this time muscles of the whole body are becoming nervous as “Bikutsu”. But do not you think that there is little tension if you say “Sorry,” from around 10 meters in a gentle voice? It is only a matter of doing the same thing with a massage.
First of all, I will explain in detail what kind of muscle and how to massage in advance explanation.
Push gradually when you massage. I gradually approach the deep muscle by taking the surface muscle tension. It is better to take a massage when doing a massage. As soon as it is pushed, the muscles enter Defense, so you can not push deep muscles. It is also important not to put force on pressing. Frequently asked to the patient “Massage work is powerful because you use your work?” But actually I do not use much power. I push using weight, so I am not tired so much.
It is often caused by massage while putting effort into rubbing and returning.
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