Have you had a pain at Elbow? There are 2 common Elbow pain one is Tennis elbow another one is Golfer’s elbow. Tennis Elbow you feel pain at lateral side of elbow. Golfer’s elbow you feel pain at medial side. Some people who doesn’t play tennis could be Tennis elbow, Some who doesn’t play golf could be Golfer’s elbow.

Why you suffer from Tennis elbow?

People who suffer from Tennis Elbow tend to use Extensor muscles. Some movement such as forward tennis stroke, typing computer, right handed golf player use left forward elbow. Continuously use forward side of elbow that cause stiffness of Extensor muscle. The stiffness of Extensor muscle cause inflammation of tendon connect to lateral epicondyle.

Why you suffer from Golfer’s elbow?

People who suffered from Golfer’s Elbow are not common as Tennis elbow.When you hold something like golf club, Normally use little finger and ring finger these two fingers are connected to medial epicondyle. So if you hole something like golf club you use lateral side of forearm muscle that cause stiffness of those muscle. Stiffness of lateral side of forearm muscle cause inflammation of the tendon that connected to lateral epicondyle.

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