Many people used to confuse about the work of chiropractic and physical therapy that seem very similar due to handling processes which be done about patient’s musculoskeletal. But why some physical therapist can give the handling and some of them can’t.
Hand-on one of physical therapist about musculoskeletal system, it covers the massage to release tension, tightness of the tissue also movement of the joints that we’ve called ‘mobilization’ which is seem very similar to chiropractic. By the way, mobilization can be classified from range, frequency and intensity into 4 grades depending on patient’s condition.
Grade I: Moving on surface tissue and short range of movement, be fit to acute phase and painful (relief pain via nervous system).
Grade II: Actually, this level is very similar to previous one, but moving technique is done in wide range.
Grade III: This level, mostly could be applied to patient who has a chronic and restrictive condition. Movement should reach about 50 percent of resistance, then move in wider range.
Grade IV: Short range of movement with reaching the resistance about 50% – 75%.
Moreover, there is another hand-on technique that is called manipulation or Grade V of mobilization which is use to release stress force of joint and make some cracking sound occurs. But this level is performed by therapist who have learnt, practiced and got certified of handling, but hand-on ‘s chiropractor is adjusting structure of body (mainly bone) to become closely normal alignment.
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