Core muscles are muscles that located at the middle line of body. Many people understand or stereotype only the muscles in the abdomen but the core muscles consist of many muscles that coordinate each others, such as the abdominal muscles (six pack), inner abdominal muscles, Lateral abdominal muscles, hip flexor muscles, and lower back muscle, etc.

The main function of the core muscles is stabilize body posture, increase stability of the spine, support the organs in the proper position. as well as working in harmony with other muscles throughout the body to work smoothly.

Due to the structure of the muscles and the body’s skeletal structure are connected by a membrane which makes the work of each muscle group related to each other. Therefore, if the muscles in the core of the body are weak It may affect the work of other muscles.
On the other hand, if the core muscles are strong It can increase the strength of other muscles as well.

Today we will teach you exercise that everyone can easily do by themselves at home, to increase the strength of the core muscles. If you want to know what poses there are, you can click to watch in this clip.

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