After exercise, almost everyone has a tendency to have muscle aches, especially for those who haven’t had a workout in a long time or have just started exercising today.
The cause of the pain come from two main factors:
1) Lactic acid, which is the waste accumulated in the muscles after energy metabolism from exercise. If lactic acid accumulates in the muscles in large quantities, it can cause fatigue and muscle aches. But these types of aches usually go away 2-3 hours after a workout, as the body will eliminates the lactic acid from the muscles using the circulatory system.
2) Muscle tissue inflammation – this pain typically occur 1-2 days after the physical activity, but the pain takes anywhere from 3-5 days to subside, depending on the condition of the body. This delayed pain is called DOMS (Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness). It usually occurs in people who have just started exercising, or those who exercise but have recently changed something in their workout routine (an increase in exercise frequency or volume).
You shouldn’t be afraid of post-exercise pain as any pain you experience isn’t really harmful to the body, so long as you are exercising correctly. Therefore, when exercising, it’s always more important that you do it with proper form and not just aim for the heaviest weights you can carry. If you can, it’s also always great to consult a trainer or specialized muscle treatment clinic to get the proper treatment and analysis on your workouts to prevent and improve your body’s potential.
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