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In our industry, dealing with pain is serious business. No one is free from it, but there are certain steps that can be taken to prevent, mitigate, and manage it. In the Pain Away Clinic Blog, you’ll get a peek into the latest events that we’ve attended/sponsored, keep up to date with our latest deals, and our staff also regularly write detailed articles and posts to give you the latest tips and advice for keeping pain away.

Sponsor at Tridash

On 19 August 2018, Pain Away Clinic has participated in the Tridash event as an official sponsor. Tridash is the testing ground for the beginner triathlete runner and consists of 400-meter swimming, 20-kilometer biking and 5-kilometer running. This race is...

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Improving Your Posture

We all know that having a good posture is important. Nevertheless, we are often slumped on the couch and sit with a curved back on our office chair. Having a good posture can prevent physical complaints and chronic ailments such as: Excessively curved...

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Stretching Training

Stretching has so many benefits than you know, it can be used to increase Range of Motion (ROM) of body, adjust body posture and alignment, and release muscle tension to make your body relax. However, in some stretching technique practitioner need to be...

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