Aging may be scary due to diseases which can easily affect one’s health; combat the effects of aging through a health care procedure that is safe, medicine-free and uses natural methods. Physical therapy is becoming a well known alternative to help with the aging process. It care can help with:
Daily exercise and nutrition:

    Lessen health risks. For someone who is over 65, a 15 minute exercise and staying hydrated, as well as keeping healthy habits.


    Decreases spasm. Used for muscle training or pain control.

Ultrasound therapy:

    Treats pain condition and promotes tissue healing.

Hot packs:

    Reduces pain, reduces inflammation, decreases joint stiffness and relieves muscle spasms.

Regular spine adjustments:

    Eases neuromusculoskeletal health.

Therapeutic exercises:

    Restores the strength of your back and gradual return to everyday activities.

Golden Years

Physical therapy is a great and therapeutic supplementary for a healthy life and overall health improvements. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider this kind of care to make the most of your Golden Years:
Build up your strength and therapeutic exercises:

    This is very helpful when you are struggling with everyday task due to stiffness or pain, you can visit a physical therapist to regain strength in your back.

Stop spasms in their tracks with e-stimulation:

    E-stimulation is extensively used to help train muscles and manage pain. This technique will help you to stop painful spasm that tends to really cramp your style as you grow older.

Keep your spine aligned:

    Having regular spinal adjustments is a great way to improve and keep your spine aligned and enhance nueromuscoloskeletal health, to keep your body in good condition.

Bid farewell to stiffness, swelling and pain with heat packs:

    There so many injuries that are treated heating and cooling pads. It can combat swelling, manage pain, loosen up stiff joints, and relieve frustrating spasms.

Facilitate a healthy lifestyle:

    Maintaining and following a balanced nutritious diet is important and essential for the over 65 set. Regular Aerobic exercise is a great way to start to reduce risk of cognitive decline, and keeping twinges with physical therapy.

Treat pain with ultrasound therapy:

    Using ultrasound therapy, therapists can encourage tissue healing to restore lost mobility, and provide relief from pain conditions.
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