Back pain is a common complaint. In 9 out of 10 patients no specific medical diagnose is determined. Complaints are often caused by multiple factors. At Pain Away we have licensed physicians who are happy to help you identify the cause of your back pain.

At Pain Away Clinic we regularly see new clients who have neglected back pain for too long. In many cases treatment elsewhere has not been successful in identifying the cause and treating the symptoms. If the back pain occurs for less than 6 weeks we talk about acute back pain. We consider the back pain to be chronic when the symptoms are persistent for more than 12 weeks in recurrent periods.

Back pain can obstruct you in carrying out your daily activities. Back pain can be caused by multiple factors which differ from person to person. The best treatment for your back pain depends on which factors are causing which type of back pain.

Types of Back Pain

The area of the symptoms can already help identifying possible causes for your back pain. We categorize back pain in three main areas:

  • Lower back pain
  • Middle back pain
  • Upper back pain

Lower back pain is becoming more common, because nowadays we are moving less and using our backs unilaterally. Because of pain in the lower back, our bodies try to avoid certain painful postures resulting in stress and pain in other parts of our bodies. Symptoms of lower back pain are usually caused by poor posture, sudden bending or twisting, excessive load on the muscles, and incorrect lifting techniques. Middle and upper back pain are generally less common than lower back pain. We burden the middle and upper back less than the lower back. Symptoms of middle and upper back pain are usually caused by a wrong posture during work (long-term), trauma, tension, and stress.

Most Common Symptoms

  • Nagging pain
  • Sharp shooting or stabbing pain
  • Pain radiates to the buttocks and legs
  • Pain gets worse while being seated or standing for long periods
  • Pain gets worse while lifting heavy objects
  • Reduced mobility in the back
  • Stiffness of the muscles in the back
  • Sensory disturbances in the legs
  • Loss of strength in the legs

Most Common Causes

Back pain can be caused by multiple factors and also differs per person and their lifestyle. Some well-known factors that cause pain in the back are: spit, hernia, sciatica, wear and tear, postural syndrome, and instability. There are also other factors that can cause back problems such as a wrong posture, heavy physical work, one-sided work, overload, stress, old age, or an accident or trauma.

Back Pain Treatment in Bangkok

To prevent complaints getting worse, it is essential to have a physician take a look at your back. At Pain Away Clinic we have licensed physicians who are experienced in treating back pain. During our intake, we conduct an extensive examination to identify the cause of your complaints. After the intake, the physician draws up a personal treatment plan and will follow up during your recovery to achieve the best treatment results.

Feel free to make an appointment through Our Booking App, or contact us through any of the channels listed on our Prices and Booking page. We are happy to answers your questions and will get back to you as soon as we can.