In the day to day life, most people do not care about posture, such as walking flat-foot or left and right foot balance. Even something as small as balance can cause pain in different parts of the body.
Flat back is a symptom that the back of the vertebrae is misaligned. The spine is more rigid than normal, caused by muscle contraction. The patient will not feel relaxed. Muscles tighten all the time. It may feel that shoulder shoulders rigid or raised.
Humpback (kyphosis) is a symptom that the spine curve is very abnormally. Sometimes, this can be noticed with the naked eye, i.e. the chin and head are extended forward. But sometimes, there are other symptoms, such as pain in the back. The cause of humpback symptoms usually comes from being in the wrong motion for a long time. Or from the degeneration of the spine by age.
The left and right balance of the body (imbalance) is that the left and right body. There is more to one side. This results in pain in the body, such as pain in the left shoulder, tight waist, or a sore arm or leg. The balance of the body is not equal.
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