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Some of the Pain Away staff will be at the Spartan Race for treatment as sponsorship on May 19th.

Pain Relief through Japanese Adjustment Therapy

Conveniently Located in the Heart of Bangkok

Japanese Chiropractic & Pain Treatment in Bangkok: Step 1

Step 1: Preliminary exam and physical diagnosis

A quick preliminary diagnosis and consultation allows us to quickly rule out all other factors and get to the root causes of your ailments.

Japanese Chiropractic & Pain Treatment in Bangkok: Step 2

Step 2: Spinal adjustment and physical therapy

Having a specific diagnosis, we can immediately select specifically which forms of is required to alleviate your pain fastest, while supplementing with recovery through physiotherapy.

Japanese Chiropractic & Pain Treatment in Bangkok: Step 3

Step 3: Medical analysis and advice

A summary on your condition is given, as well as advice on what you can do to help speed up recovery on your way to wellness.

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Conditions We Treat

In our experience, most of the symptoms commonly suffered fall under these 6 categories.
Our expertise lies in being able to get to the root cause swiftly and with utmost care.


Bodily stiffness and inflexibility

Neck and back stiffness, frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel syndrome, joint inflexibility.


Muscle soreness and sensitivity

Physical stress, work-related fatigue and weakness, delayed muscle onset soreness (DMOS), muscle inflammation, tenderness and sensitivity to touch.


Lower back pain and spine-related symptoms

Lower back pain, lumbar stenosis, multiple scoliosis, spinal curvature disorders, and general inflexibility due to pre-existing conditions.

Japanese Chiropractic & Pain Treatment: Human Anatomy

Sports and fitness injuries

Swollen muscles, knee pain, Achilles tendon injuries, rotatory cuff injuries, Dislocation therapy, head trauma, general injury recovery.


Pregnancy-related afflictions

Spinal nerve stress, spinal misalignment, pelvic girdle pain, pelvic misalignment, increased back curvature, pregnancy-related stress.


Illnesses arising from old age

Severe arthritis, weakness, in-ear balance, decreased mobility, joint degeneration, osteoporosis, muscle numbness, hip fractures, hernia.

Try our new Physical Therapy machine treatment, imported all the way from Japan! 500 baht per session.

Our dry needle technic can release deep trigger point and cupping treatment improve blood circulation and release chronic stiffness.

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At Pain Away, we have just introduced a new method for treating distortions of the foot. These may come in the form of flat feet or misalignment of the ankle or pelvis, which do not only burden your feet, but may also affect the balance of the spine. We have acquired new technology that will provide 3D scans of your feet, allowing us to create uniquely tailored shoe insoles for you, adjusting your body’s balance and posture as you walk.


Our new custom-made orthopedic slippers are available today! Inquire at our clinic for pricing.

Our Satisfied Patients

My name is Matt Wiltshire. I’m a golf instructor at Shane Wilding Golf Centers in Bangkok. This is where I met Pain Away Clinic.

I have had a lot of background with some back pain from golf and since I played a lot of rugby in Australia when I was young, and also knee pain as well. So then, I visit the clinic, I had several treatment. It’s amazing. My back pain has really through a lot of therapy, and also programs to get it a lot better. I’m working on my knee now. And also, it’s a bit improvement on my knee. I recommended you to come to Pain Away Clinic. It’s fantastic.


Golf Instructor, Junior World Champion

Pain Away Clinic proudly supports Professional GT driver, Carlo Van Dam.
Champion of the 24-hour Nurburgring Endurance Race for two consecutive years (2015-2016).

(click to watch Carlo Van Dam’s testimonial)

I have been suffering from pain in my right shoulder for a long time and tried many treatments such as massage, chiropractic, etc. After these treatments I felt better but came back to the same condition soon so I gave up on curing the problem because of my work.

This time I tried treatment at Pain Away Clinic. I was really satisfied with their treatment and I will continuously come for treatment. I now also do stretching at home which they taught me. The location is very convenience because connected to MRT and BTS.

Yoshi Okuchi

Business Owner

This clinic is very clean. At first the therapist consulted my condition and told me the reason of the pain, how my posture is. I can not speak Thai but this Thai therapist communicates in Japanese as well, so I felt at ease. After the treatment I felt much better and could very easily move my shoulder. At last the therapist adjusted my pelvis and spine. It was not scary but I feel much straighter. After the adjustment length of my leg became even.

The therapist recommended training at home so I can keep good posture.

Emi Okuchi


I’ve been suffering from a minor hernia for a long time and it had come to the point where the underlining problem started pressuring sciatic nerve. The pain was quite severe and I could’t even sit still. Mr. Sugaya not only provides treatment sessions, but also with a detailed consultation how to do stretching, which muscle to strengthen, how to put my weight on while standing and sitting and whatever posture I might be in and so on and so forth. Facing the problem with his help, my prolonged condition has improved dramatically to the point where I’m finally able to live like a normal human being. Being able to always turn to him gives me a piece in mind.

Ms Tanaka

I used to have some lower back pain from sitting too much in the office, but after visiting Pain Away and getting chiropractic treatment for 2 months, all those issues seem to be gone. Affordable, effective. Money well spent!

Lewis Parker

Digital Marketing Executive, OUT NOW

Get your In-depth Posture and Muscle Analysis at Our Clinic

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With over 15 years of combined experience in the health industry, we here at Pain Away Clinic are your most trusted friends.


Our 94% success rates speak for themselves. You won’t leave unsatisfied with the care we put into our chiropractic and pain treatments.



All of the treatments we practice are 100% derived from both medical and alternative forms of health.

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