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In our industry, dealing with pain is serious business. No one is free from it, but there are certain steps that can be taken to prevent, mitigate, and manage it. Our staff regularly write here to give you the latest tips and advice for keeping pain away.

Terminal 21

We are checking postures with our new posture report program at Terminal 21 from January 27 to February 8. We have imported this posture report program from Japan. We can check your pelvis, spine, and muscle balance.

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People who exercise are probably familiar with the word stretching. Stretching the muscles before and after an exercise is very important. The benefits of stretching before and after exercising are different. We will explain you why. Stretching before...

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What’s a Trigger Point?

Trigger point is nut of the muscle that cause referred pain. For example trigger point on Trapezius muscle cause headache. Trigger point on Gluteus muscle cause leg pain. So it is important to know what is the root cause of the pain, otherwise pain doesn't...

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